Welcome to Walking Worthy! This blog has been started by a group of young people whose sole desire is to glorify Christ with all that we are and in all that we do. We want to encourage you to do the same.

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The Walking Worthy Team
Back row from left to right: Jonah, Thomas, David, Samuel, Richard, Philip 
Front row from left to right: Elspeth, Esther, Naomi, Ruth, Becsy

Ruth van den Broek is a very short 24 year old. Her home church is Goring Free Church in South Oxfordshire. She married David (see below) in September 2011. Some of the things that excite her are good books, intricate embroidery, daisies, Jaffa Cakes, making huge messes in the name of 'art' and the colour red. She does not like coffee under any circumstance.

Esther Field is 18 and is a member of Emmanuel Evangelical Church. She spends her time doing school work, singing, piano, dancing, drama lessons and reading novels. Her pets include two small, hairy dogs, two goldfish, two parents, a couple of sisters, a nephew and 2 recently acquired brother-in-laws.

'My name is Elspeth McLachlan and I am a member of Trinity Baptist Church. I am an English Literature student, barista, scribbler, Earl Grey Tea drinker, ice-skating lover and Josh Garrels fan. I also love taking photos of the gorgeous Scottish scenery where I live. I have had the joy of being a Christian for 8 years and really look forward to seeing what God would have me do in the future.'

David van den Broek
'I am twenty-three years old, a farrier and the fourth child of my parents Ron and Tracy van den Broek. I am a member at Goring Free Church and here's what I love spending my time doing: telling others about Christ's love for me, spending time with my family (especially my youngest siblings, James and Victoria) and spending time with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am overjoyed whenever and wherever I see God working and I am looking forward to seeing Him glorify Himself through Walking Worthy.'

Philip Mackereth
'I am 22, and about to start an Engineering Masters in Glasgow. My great desire is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. My family live in Dudley where I am a member of Dudley Baptist Church. I love telling others of the wonderful news of the Gospel, and seeing the Lord work! I enjoy conversing with friends, spending time in beautiful countryside or fascinating cities, playing the piano, running, cycling, photography and reading meaningful literature. 

Samuel van den Broek
'My name is Samuel van den Broek. I am the sixth child of eleven. I have been a member at Christ Church Virginia Water for about six months. I enjoy making cards and reading. At the moment I am working for a company that makes devices for humidity and temperature calibration.'

Naomi Wells
'I am 22 years old and am the eldest of nine children. I was home-educated until I was 16 and am currently working as an accountant. I am a member of Amyand Park Chapel in Twickenham, where my family have attended for the past nine years. Among other things, I enjoy reading, writing, looking after my siblings, cooking and sewing.'

Thomas van den Broek is 20, the twin brother of Samuel (see above) and is a member at Emmanuel Evangelical Church. He spends much of his time running a company that sells instant hedging solutions (especially suitable for people who don’t like their neighbours!).  He also spends time doing a theological guided reading course with his minister, reading the Bible, hanging out with friends and family, studying biblical Hebrew and Greek where possible, sharing the gospel, dinghy sailing, shooting, photography and reading.

Richard van den Broek
My name is Richard van den Broek, I am 18 years old, I attend Christ Church, Virginia Water. I have 7 brothers 3 sisters, 3 nieces and nephews and a dog. I like horticulture, history poetry and fellowship. I enjoy evangelising, running, reading, shooting and building my 4 story tree house. I am being taught at home whilst studying for the RHS level 3 certificates in horticulture and running a business selling my Dad’s plants wholesale. A true Christian lives to die and dies to live eternally.

My name is Rebecca Wells, I'm 19 and I have three brothers and five sisters. I am a member at Amyand Park Chapel in Twickenham. At the moment I am studying Accountancy. I also love to play the piano, spend time with little children and read books, particularly quaint ones.