Book recommendation: A New Name

It is natural human desire to seek an identity. The ancient Greeks chose to perpetuate their names through dying gloriously. For us a good name here an now suffices accompanied by such things as a good job or nice car or house. Right deep down every person wants to know themselves (and be known by others) as an individual.

A few months ago I read "A New Name" as recommended by a friend. One of the issues raised by Emma Scrivener, the author, is this issue of identity. Who are we? What defines us?

A New Name is an excellent read and is one of the best written books that I have read. You can procure a  copy for around £9.00 and is well worth every penny. The book is written as an autobiography and as such holds some delightful insites into the psychology of those suffering of Anorexia. I highly recommend this book for your sumer reading.

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