Union with Christ Hymn

A good brother of mine at theological college wrote this hymn about union with Christ. I have found it a great blessing, especially the second verse. If you want to sing it, it goes well to the tune of immortal honours.

Praise God who's made me one with Christ, his Son
Well loved, I stand as heaven's holy one!
I'm called the branch and Jesus is the vine
I'm joined to Christ and all that's his is mine.

We died from sin, but only he was nailed-
We shared a tomb, but only I had failed-
We share new life that only he could earn-
We share a love that only I must learn.

I bring my debts, but he's God's treasury;
I've earned God's wrath, but find his pleasure free:
All loss is lost in countless riches drowned-
I'm heir with Christ, for sinless glory crowned.

You've won me Lord! Your coming home is mine-
Our feast draws near - my water soon is wine!
Clothed in your robes and white as snow, your bride
Loves you unseen, but soon she'll know your side.

Timothy Laurence

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