'See that we are really trusting in Him'

'O Lord, we often question ourselves to know whether we have real faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, and we will now pray Thee to search us, and try us and see that we are really trusting in Him; and if we are, Lord increase our faith.

But if we have merely a notional faith, rid us from the counterfeit, and give us yet the real, precious gold, which wisdom alone can furnish.

Oh, for a humble but sincere faith in our divine Lord. Lord, if it be necessary to break our hearts in order that we may have it, then let them be broken. If we have to unlearn a thousand things to learn the sweet secret of faith in Him, let us become fools that we may be wise, only bring us surely and really to stand upon the Rock of Ages - so to stand there as never to fall, but to be kept by the power of God, through faith, unto Salvation. Amen'

Behold the Throne of Grace ~ C.H. Spurgeon's prayers and hymns

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