The Crook in the Lot

Whatever you have heard about reading books by the Puritans, this one is very readable and so encouraging. The title simply refers to the difficulties we face, the bends in our "lot" in life. The subtitle is "the Sovereignty and Wisdom of God in the Afflictions of Men". 

This book is full of scriptures to back up the points which are made, and has helpful bullet points listing various thoughts. As well as discussing the different struggles we all face in life, Thomas Boston looks at why we have pain and suffering. He gives plenty of very practical tips on how to endure and how it is natural to want our trials to go away, but we'll be blessed for sticking the course. He spurs the reader on, to wait for God and to humble ourselves before Him. 

One of my favourite quotes from this book is "Fruits thus too hastily plucked off the tree of providence can hardly miss to set the teeth on edge...but oh the sweets of the evening of the crook by a humble application to and waiting on the Lord!" (p.45) 

I would highly recommend this book, as it helps to explain the difficulties each of us face and how we can Biblically overcome them. It is well worth your time, and can be bought very cheaply here

By Elspeth McLachlan 

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