Don't have pity on it

In his book 'The Mortification of Sin' John Owen uses this illustration:

"When a man is being crucified at first he yells out and his cries are great. But, eventually they become fewer and farther between. Not as noisy anymore. Oh there may be moments when he musters up the strength to cry out again in agony, but they will not continue. Eventually when blood and life is gone, he will lie there dead.

This is what the mortification of sin is like.

When there is a sin that is used to controlling your life and you nail it to the cross, it will cry out in agony and its cry will be great. But, if you leave it there, eventually those cries become fewer and farther between. They have less steam in them, less energy in them, less power in them and eventually their life force is gone and they die there on the cross."

"This is the reality for those who are in Christ. Our sin is nailed to the tree. Don't have pity on it. Leave it there, let it die. Because you are in Christ" Voddie Baucham

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