Doctrine 6. The Names, Nature and Atonement of Jesus

The names, natures and Atonement of Jesus are very much connected. Those three are also very important in describing who Jesus is and also what he did for us. One example would be his name ‘Son of God’, his nature ‘divine’ both contributed to the success of the Jesus’ atoning work for us on the cross. Jesus’ fully Godness meant that his atonement for sin was possible; he had to be wholly God (perfect) and man. We can be thankful that Jesus’ death did satisfy the law, because now we can be forgiven.

Jesus is called a few different names. Four of his names are Jesus (saviour), Christ (anointed), Son of man (man) and Son of God (fully God). The title Jesus refers to his role as saviour (John 3:16). Also the name Christ is given to Jesus referring to his anointing in the Jordan (Matthew 3:16-17), his anointing was similar to the anointings of prophets, priests and kings in the Old Testament, except that he took all of those roles. The name ‘Son of man’ is given to Jesus (Matt 8:20, 9:6, Acts13:21-22) referring to his being fully human, except that he was perfect (Hebrews 4:15). Another name given to Jesus is ‘Son of God’, referring to his perfection even though he was fully and even more his holding the place of the second person of the Trinity, therefore fully God (Hebrews 4:15). All those names point to Jesus’ perfectness for his role as saviour of the world, satisfying Gods righteous anger against sin. Consequently by Gods amazing grace we can be forgiven for ours sins and live with him eternally, if we repent of our sins and put our trust in him!

Jesus has two natures; divine and human. His divine nature is his being fully God and his human nature was his becoming like us, but he was perfect. The deity of Jesus (Isaiah9v6, Matthew11v27…) and his humanity (John8v40,Acts2v22…) made his work on the cross successful. To satisfy the just demands of God the saviour had to be fully God (perfect) and fully man. Hebrews 4v15-16 gives us another comforting/encouraging reason why Jesus was divine and human. The reason we have is that Jesus “passed through the heavens” and “tempted as we are yet without sin” (human). So Jesus not only died for us, and rose again, and he continues his work of intercession, between us and God!

So the atonement for us, by Jesus, is very closely connected with his names and natures. Some of his names are; Jesus (saviour), Christ (anointed), Son of man (human) and Son of God (fully God). Those names point to his natures; divine (Son of God) and human (Son of man). Likewise Jesus’ natures are essential in his successful work on the cross he had to be fully God and perfect man, he could only be perfect man if he was fully God. So Jesus’ death on the cross was successful and therefore we are, by Gods amazing grace, able to be forgiven our sins and live with him eternally when our life on this earth ends!!

By Samuel van den Broek

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  1. Well done. So great to see young people grappling with things that really matter... for all eternity! May you all continue on! Hebrews 13:20-21

    Mrs Bowen
    Middleburg, FL, USA


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