The new year...

As we go into another year, I wonder what your dreams and aspirations are. What is going to happen in your life in 2012? What are your plans?

As we are surrounded by all sorts of things in our lives that take up our thoughts, work, school, family, friends, etc, how much time do we think on God and our walk with Him? Do we look into the next year dwelling on our spiritual growth or on our bodily needs and wants?

Anne Hasseltine (soon to become Judson and leave her home to become a missionary to Burma) wrote in her diary, “[I] resolve also to strive against the first risings of discontent, fretfulness and anger, to be meek and humble and patient; constantly to bear in my mind that I am in presence of God; habitually to look up to Him for deliverance from temptations; and in all cases, to do to others as I would have them do to me.”

How simple and small these things are, yet how hard! We so quickly get caught up in day to day life, and forget out strivings to live pleasing lives to God. Surely, if we get these right, the ‘small’ things, everything else will fall into place?

I pray this year we all would focus on Christ, and what he has done for us, and would grow closer to Him, in whatever happens in the next year.

Guest post by Megan Doyle


  1. Totally agree, well written Megan. :) Often so difficult to put that time out for God, but after all, where would we be without him?

  2. Thanks for this, Megan! =) It's so easy to say we trust God for 2012, but harder in practice!
    Also I love Ann Judson, what a good quote...

  3. Blessed by this. see you at my bog!


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