The PM: Pathetic Mush or Principled Man?

Committed, “bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude.” Vague, “indefinite or indistinct in nature or character.”

If you want to know how to use the two in the same sentence, here is an example, “The man was clearly committed to his wife, as evidenced by his vague love for her.” Hmm.

We have just been reminded where our national leader and representative stands on issues of faith (cf He is a committed Christian, but only vaguely practicing. The rest of his comments can be roughly characterized as schizophrenic. (For those who don’t know that word, a schizophrenic politician is a person who has one cheek you want to kiss, and another you want to slap.) On the one side of his mouth, we are a Christian country, we should be bold about saying so, and Christian values will counter Britain’s moral depravity. Oh, but now the perfectly lubricated weather vane swings, and on the other side of his wide and smiling mouth, he doesn’t do God, is full of doubts about the main theological issues, and is very cool with false gods, godlessness and so forth.

It is good to hear the PM acknowledge the issue, and say some good things. But there are some problems too, and to prompt some thinking around that, here are two thoughts.

1) Matthew 7: being a child of God is not just about profession, it is also about adoption. Marriage provides a great way to talk about the faith, in no small measure because it is how the word of God talks about the faith. So let’s run with that for a moment. In two weeks I will be thanking the Lord for my second wedding anniversary. Let me tell you one story of how it didn’t happen.

I saw this awesome girl. Everything I had dreamed of: godly, mature, wise, beautiful, hard working, witty, smart, way better than I deserved, and so forth. So I invited her out to a very expensive restaurant for dinner. I took the opportunity to tell her how committed I was to her. When we had finished, I waited for her to pay for the dinner. It got a bit awkward, but she coughed up eventually. I guess she was not used to a man who was as committed as I was, but was only vaguely practicing. Whatever. Before long, I proposed. She said that she would rather marry a sack full of used coffee grounds. Apparently my profession of commitment wasn’t quite the same thing as her accepting me.

2) Matthew 5:39: the Christian faith does not encourage the schizophrenic. Jesus says that if you get slapped on one cheek, you should turn the other one to invite a slap there too – and the schizophrenic politician could not disagree more. If you follow Jesus, you cannot say one thing and do another. Jesus is smarter than that. We sometimes think he just hears what we say. Or just watches what we do. But in reality he hears what we do and watches what we say (ever wondered about Revelation 1:12 where John turns to see a voice?). The PM has said some good stuff, but also some silly stuff, and whether the

Spirit is at work in his life will be evident in whether the silly gives way to the good, because a house divided cannot stand.

Guest article by Timothy van den Broek


  1. Just read the article. Oh, boy. "I'm committed, but I only practise vaugely." Alright. And the 'tolerance Christianity commands gives other faiths freedom"?! I somehow thought it was the other faiths that were doing most of the tolerance-demanding. Sometimes we can benefit from that...sometimes not. But we have ourselves one confused leader. I love the statement "a schizophrenic politician is a person who has one cheek you want to kiss and one you want to slap." Not so sure I wouldn't stick to slapping in this case though. Or maybe just groan. :-)

    Thanks for a great article! And congratulations on your anniversary. That's one interesting courtship story! :-)

  2. Hello!
    I'm way over here in Tennessee and came upon your blog. Wow is all I can say. The glory goes to God for raising up such committed youth, who are totally "sold out" for Him... Funny, in Tennessee,the heart of the Bible Belt of America, EVERYONE's a Christian, yet so few "live as if" ... they don't live as if the God of this Universe has chosen to adopt them as a son or daughter, or live as if the King of Kings and Lord of Lords shed his blood for them, personally.

    Anyway, isn't He wonderful? Please keep up your wisdom and encouragement in this blog ... you have no idea whom it is reaching and inspiring.!



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