Depression Series Finale

Since we have been posting Kip's helpful thoughts on depression, we asked him if he could recommend any resources that might be useful. Here are a few...

This sermon from John Piper on Psalm 42 is fantastic, regardless of whether you think you need it or not!

A discussion with Neil Powlinson on the darkness of depression.

A few other sermons; two from Sinclair Ferguson , two from Piper on how Spurgeon and Cowper dealt with depression and one from Jay Adams.

This article is good for learning how to hope in depression.

Some books: Martin Lloyd Jones on the Psalms 
                     One for those seeking to help others suffering with depression
                     Piper on how to apply the gospel to depression
                     How a woman copes in the midst of depression

And a couple of videos for you, as well. David Murray with some tips on how to help depressed Christians, one on how you can be thankful in depression, what to do when you constantly feel sad and a word on depression in teenagers.

We hope you find these links uplifting and helpful.

~Please note Walking Worthy does not necessarily agree with/commend all the views expressed on these links/websites~

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