Book review: Family Driven Faith

If you have lived within the church culture for any significant length of time you will have heard some form of scary statistics concerning the amount of young people leaving the church. In the United States, the research indicates, between 70 and 88 percent of ‘Christian’ teens are leaving the church by their second year in college! And even amongst those teens that would call themselves ‘born again’ 85 percent of them do not believe in absolute truth. The picture, while slightly different, is not much better in the United Kingdom.

To those who haven’t heard the statistics the shock level is pretty much equivalent with being woken up in the morning by a bucket of ice cold water poured over you. It forces us to ask questions. Why? What is going on? Is this what God wants? What is going wrong?
In ‘Family Driven Faith’ Voddie Baucham Jr. reveals his own study of these questions. As a father and church pastor himself he is naturally concerned by the trends. He was driven to the scriptures to try and work out if the way in which children are commonly brought up within the church today is biblical. The revelations are telling.

Voddie Baucham investigates youth ministry, family structures, the importance and centrality of worship and the duty of Christian parents in education. The conclusion is a radical challenge to depart from the norm. Why read? Well, because we all need the answer to figure out how to stop the scary trend. Because most of us are, or will be, parents. Because all of us, to some degree, have interaction with young people in the church or are ourselves young people in the church. And our beliefs and practises must be thoroughly biblical.

While this book brings together a good amount of statistics it is an easy read and won’t take long to get through. You will, however, be forced to think and question your stand on family in terms of the Bible.

“The evidence is sobering. The answer is simple. The time is now. We will either win the culture one family at a time or will continue to lose the culture one family at a time. Either way the family is the key.”

Price on Amazon: £9.00
Length: 214 pages

Review by Thomas van den Broek


  1. I have recently finished reading this book and would HIGHLY recommend it. Packed with solid, Biblical truth and much personal application. It is WELL worth reading.
    Voddie Baucham is honest, to-the-point, and has a great sense of humour! :-)If you like straight talking, you'll love his books and sermons.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, Thomas. From your summary it sounds like he is helpfully balancing both "Faith Driven Family" and "Family Driven Faith."

    Also, Next time you come out to Idaho to visit, can you please wake me up in the morning by pouring a bucket of ice cold water over my head? I'm afraid your illustration kind of went over my head as I've never had that experience.


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