Divided- the Movie

Official Divided the Movie (HD Version) from NCFIC on Vimeo.

Philip Leclerc is a young filmmaker and after noticing that the young people in his own generation were abandoning the faith he set out to discover the truth about modern youth ministry. Philip made the dvd ‘Divided’ with this question in mind: “Is it an issue with the church, the kids, the parents…?”

Divided is available free online for a very limited time only. Please do take the opportunity to watch it and feel free to post your comment below!


  1. Powerful and so true!

    That guy nailed our youth groups and the ideas behind it on the head!

    Good upload.

  2. I really like this film, so great to see such a Biblical basis in what they are saying.
    Liz :)

  3. This is so true.

    Age segregation is being shoved down our throats from the time we are toddlers. Ever taken a good look at a handful of popular, up-to-date children's books? One message comes across loud and clear; "Your parents are stupid. Don't listen to them and their old-fashioned ways. It's only you young people and us -your teachers- that are cool..that know what we are talking about."

    But what is even more tragic is when the church then imitates the world's pattern and files it's congregation neatly into age-specific boxes. Between the adults and the children a great divide is being erected. Why? Because Satan (and corrupt governments) are smarter than we think. If they can turn the hearts and ears of the young away from the good advice of their parents, then they can pour into them their own propaganda. And are we going to just sit back and let this creep into our churches?! We need to take a stand against it, starting by not being a part of age segregation ourselves.

    Do we mix with all ages in our church? With the young? With the elderly? With the parents, the toddlers, the grandparents? Or do we stay in a huddle with the other teens? The older believers have so much to teach us. We MUST NOT avoid them just because we have been conditioned to by adopting the twisted, pagan idea that somehow different age groups cannot and must not mix.

    For further information on this topic, read Voddie Baucham's book 'Family-Driven Faith'-it's excellent!


  4. You're right Jasmine.

    When Churches embrace age segregation they reap the fruit. When they say to the children " Go to Sunday-school now." They're actually saying "You're too young to understand this. This is adult bit, which you will find boring." When they say that they immediately segregate their youth.
    A few years later the church realizes that they have no young people. They try using donuts or in the film: a nightclub. However the young people, the next generation, are all gone.
    The churches are struggling. Why? Because of mistakes like segregation.

    I can see why the guy is questioning the Church of today.

    Although your propaganda bit was a bit heavy, it is certainly true to some degree. Hitler would reward children who would turn in their parents. In a way he brainwashed them. And to a degree our culture is trying to do that. In my view, they are doing that mainly through the Ipod. But how we should beware of segregation.

    You mention Voddie Baucham's book. Note that it says FAMILY driven...
    Our Culture is trying to destroy family. The Bible however is completely different.

    Wow. Sin is bad. It destroys families and church. Wow...

    Anyway that was alot to say. Sorry for splurging out my thoughts!



  5. I agree with you there, Jonah, ipods and similar devices, while they can be very useful, are also extremely dangerous. Even young children spend lots of time surfing the net, texting, glued to the T.V., or attached via their ear-phones to some other electronic device. That in itself segregates the child from the parent (along with the rest of the real world)! And, to use a phrase of Douglas Wilson's, they are at the sam e time "drinking in wordly assumptions from a fire hose"!


  6. I don’t necessarily agree with this film 100%. However...
    I’d watched the first 20 minutes of this film a few weeks ago and it’s only now I’m watching the rest. I’m so glad I reached; Doug Phillip’s part, the part with the time line and the part where Bauchum explained the situation in terms of Uzzah.
    Uzzah’s a character whose sin I’ve always tended to justify and sympathised with... “Wouldn’t I have thought the same way... Done the same thing? ...He thought he was serving God?”... But God is just and he did deserve to die.
    The facts are in God’s word regardless of how our finite minds might see it. That’s a very challenging and frightening prospect which always leads me to question things I trust in... Do they originate in God’s word?

  7. I watched Divided and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of film-making and was glad to see some valid points made. Nevertheless, I did think some of the comparisons and terminology at times went a bit too far and there was not a single one of many involved specifically in reaching and teaching youth interviewed who are seeking to do it the right way. I really appreciated the point of separating ages during the worship time not being right, but I am not certain about going to the extent of saying that all age-segregated meetings in the church are roots of paganism - it is known that in smaller groups we learn differently at different ages. While I would agree with much of the film, I do have some reservations and concerns.
    Without being able to endorse them fully, I have found the below articles interesting in their review of the movie (in the comment section on Christianity Today's website there is a valid point about Leclerc's poor exegesis concerning Uzzah) Thanks for posting the video and keep good substance coming!



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