Fruit of the Spirit.... Kindness

Kindness is the fifth fruit of the Spirit, found in Galations 5v22. So what is kindness? “Kindness” as Jerry Bridges puts it “is a sincere desire for the good of others”.  That means that we treat Kindness not as an obligation but as a joy, an act of spiritual worship (Romans 12v1).

There are many examples of Kindness found in God’s word. The best example of Kindness is found is Jesus Christ. In Jesus ministry on this earth he showed Kindness in his healing those who had physical needs and also of spiritual needs. In his healing of the leprosed man (Matthew 8), Jairus’s daughter and the woman with internal bleeding (Matthew 9v18-30) and to many others he showed a spirit of Kindness, seeking for the good of others. And on the cross Jesus showed the ultimate act of Kindness in dying that we might live.

So we as Gods people should be pleading to God at every moment to be, by the power of the Holy Spirit, seeking sincerely for the good of others. We should be having a sincere desire for the good of others. For those who are lost seeking to witness to them and to those who do love God to seek to build them up with a heartfelt desire to serve them, and ultimately God.
By Samuel van den Broek


  1. I thought of this article as I read Matthew chapter five yesterday. I was struck by verses 38-48 because they seem to speak particularly about what being kind means.

    Yes, it includes being courteous, gentle, loving others more than self - but I think it's something more. It's a genuine compassion. I would describe old-fashioned kindness as looking for opportunities to help others, being ready to go out of our way for those in need, being quietly obliging ... even if it's only taking ten seconds to smile or pass someone the water, giving up your seat for an elderly person or picking up some-one's change. It's unobstrusive, too!

    What does everyone else think?

  2. Both the article and the comment is an encouragement!!! My friend sent me this blog, and I found this encouraging and challenging. Thanks for putting this blog up!! O(≧∇≦)O


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