Do Hard Things... a book review

If you want to change the world, if you want to be a prayer warrior, and if you want to fully Glorify God, read this book. This book will transform you’re whole philosophy of serving God. This book will also challenge you to Serve God with all of your strength.
Today the average teen is doing nothing. Is there a point in their lives? No. We need a change. ARE you being that average teen? Is there a point in your life? Are you striving to glorify God in EVERY area of life. By doing nothing (like all the others) we are definitely not glorifying God. Where is our generation? It is fading away. Why should we be like them? Do we need to follow them? No...
As Christians we need to take responsibility. We need to make serving God our ultimate aim in life. This is a book which our culture needs, If there is no change in Christian young people today, then there will be no future for us or our children.
Glorifying God is not just going to church once or twice a week. It is a life-long service to God. In every part of our lives. Sleeping, Eating, Playing. Obeying ,Reading, Learning. EVERTHING!!! This book will redefine what ‘’Glorifying God’’ means.
Getting outside our comfort zones is mentioned alot in the book. By getting out of them we are doing hard things and not just doing easy thing. Do you find a challenge, and work hard at it, all for the Glory of God? And if we fail at it,that is ok, but at least we did our best. Doing our best is the way we glorify God.
How can we best glorify God and Do Hard Things? This book will answer these questions.

By Jonah McLachlan


  1. Thanks. This is a nice response to and recommendation of the book's ideas but you haven't provided some crucial details like who wrote it. Some comment on how this book is written, etc would be great to? :)

  2. who's the author? sound's like a book we all need to read...

  3. Hi there,

    Sorry about the lack of information here. Thanks for pointing this out. The book 'Do Hard Things' is written by Alex and Brett Harris.

    Thomas vdB

  4. I would like to second this, I completely agree. It is a wonderful, challenging book. Just wanted to mention that there is a recent sequel called 'Start Here' that gives you guidance as how to put the ideas from the previous book into practice. I also highly recommend this book.


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