WW 100th post giveaway

Walking Worthy has finally reached her 100th post, and to celebrate this anniversary, we have decided to host a giveaway! The prize is the fantastic book "Foxe's Book of Martyrs". In this book can be found inspiring tales of Christians who gave their lives for the sake of the gospel. Truly a challenging read.

There are three ways to enter:
a) Post a comment on this post, telling us how you think we can make Walking Worthy better.
b) Post about the giveaway on your own blog, giving a link.
c) Tell someone else about the giveaway (e.g. by email).

You need to leave a separate comment for each way you have entered, and obviously if you manage to enter for all 3 then you have a better chance of winning. Please don't comment more than 3 times. This giveaway is open to everyone, and the deadline is the end of May. A random winner will be chosen and announced on Walking Worthy.

We hope you win!


  1. Oh... I've wanted this book for a long time!!!

    Please enter me!

    I have no idea what you should do to make WW better??!! I think it's already great! I really like it when you do recommended reading/book reviews and interviews with other christians!


  2. I'm blogging about it here: http://joyfullyservingjesus.blogspot.com/
    and here: http://stephsjournal1.blogspot.com/ (but this is only open to certain people)

    Thanks for thsi opportunity! I SO want to win this!


  3. I'm emailing about it... I've also told several people at church.


  4. I am here via Philip's blog, good to be here,
    I am happy to read few write-ups Congrats you \
    reached the 100th Keep Going, Keep inform

  5. Happy to be here again,
    to note few suggestions,
    The decision to celebrate
    the 100th blog with a special way of gifting away something good to your readers.
    Good idea,
    May God help you to go forward with hundreds and thousands and lakhs and.....

  6. Hi I forgot to post a suggestion, which i wanted to post it in the first comment itself but as you said need to be spited into three comments..lol
    lo, i am here with my suggestion,
    A beautiful blog with a good intention, but alas there in no follow button provide at the blog to follow you....lol
    pl provide one
    hope you take little time to visit back

  7. I would like to enter... I would also like to suggest followers! I think it would be a great idea.... it's also fun to see how many people read your blog!

    Jyll Weaver

  8. I just facebooked please add me to the giveaway :) Jo


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