The average person gets asked and answers over 100 questions every day. From the mundane, ‘how are you?’ to the deep, theological questions only ever asked by your pastor after going through a hard time, questions are everywhere.
We’ve even turned different body movements into questions without words. You can shrug to say you don’t know, or tilt your head to the side to imply that you don’t understand.

But one of the main uses of questions is to challenge the person the question is asked to. Questions can help us not only to understand one another better, but they can challenge us and give us a better understanding of ourselves as well.
I want to put before you some questions, not that need an answer but that are designed to make you think and challenge yourself.

When was the last time you skipped a meal to pray? When was the last time you were in tears over your own sin? When was the last time you were in tears over the sin of the world? When was the last time you wept over all the sinners who did not know Christ on the last day? What’s the difference between living and existing? When was the last time you helped your non-Christian neighbour? When was the last time you made your mum breakfast? Which would you choose, your favourite novel or the Bible? Sleeping or studying God’s word? Church or shopping? Buying a really nice new X or giving extra to the church? If you had 1 opportunity to speak to the whole world, what would you say? What makes you joyful? 

How far would you go for the Gospel? What would you be prepared to face for the sake of the Gospel? Have you done anything recently to be remembered? When you are old, what will matter most to you? When you have wrinkles, will they be smile wrinkles or frown wrinkles? When did you last read your least favourite part of the Bible? When did you last give your new, shiny Bible to that non-Christian? Last time you saw a homeless person, what did you do? If there wasn’t a God, what would you differently? When you leave a room, what do people say about you? Do you ask God enough questions? How much have you grown spiritually in the last year? In what ways have you decreased spiritually in the last year? Which activities make you lose track of time? When was the last time you got up early to have an extended devotions time? If you could have that last 5 minutes again, what would you do differently? Are you holding onto something or someone that you know is not helping your spiritual growth? If Jesus walked into your bedroom, what would you change? If you could be granted one ‘wish’ by God, what would it be? Why?

By Esther Field


  1. Thank-you for this very challenging set of questions, Esther! It is good to examine ourselves in the light of scripture to verify where we are spiritually, and whether there are any things in our lives that ought to change. We ought to often ask ourselves questions like this, maybe even sharing some with fellow believers that we may sharpen, challenge and encourage one another as well as spend some time alone in quiet self-examination. We are often so busy with our lives that we don't take time to stop and think and examine our own hearts. Perhaps this is something we should consider doing as part of our personal devotions everyday?

    It is good to challenge ourselves. What areas in our lives need the most work at the moment? What spiritual lessons can we learn from our day-to-day experiences that we face? What is Christ teaching us in them?

    Thanks again, Esther!

  2. Wow, these are great questions, Esther! Thank you for the reminder to look at the bigger picture and to ask God about more than the day-to-day struggles. :-)


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