Young men, Evangelism and Theology

Here is a video from Paul Washer to finish off our series on relationships between young men and young ladies and calling or purpose. Young men reading this: consider this a challenge directed at you. Theology is important but life is much more important and here is why.......


  1. What Paul Washer is saying in this video struck me as being incredibly jumbled up. Where is the Biblical foundation for what he is saying? What is he basing his views on?

    Yes, all of us should spend more time in prayer and less time on the Internet, that's fact.

    He said "...Why be alive? The need is so tremendous, but I'm not going to tell you that the need is so tremendous that God won't get it done without you. God will get it done without you but what a loss, what a loss of joy."

    Do we not believe that God has a unique purpose for each of his people? Tremendous need is everywhere. And each and every Christian finds true joy only in following God's plan for their lives. Who is Paul Washer to invite people to a life of "real sacrifice and joy unspeakable"? It is God who leads his people.

    Is it really Biblical to "relish suffering"?

    And is it not right that young men become theological experts so that they one day can teach their wife and children and answer their deep theological questions?

  2. Starting from the bottom...up...

    Paul Washer is addressing certain young men who spend alot of time fighting heresy or making convincing arguments for their position. Paul Washer is not saying we should NOT be theologians... rather he is pointing out that these young men need to learn.
    If we were to decide to write on Salvation By Grace. Who would do a better job... me( a 15 yr old) or someone like John Piper or Peter Masters? yes we should aim high... but I think the older men should be teaching the younger... not the other way round.
    Yes. All Christian young men(whether single/married) should know their Bible.

    To relish suffering... Paul Washer wasn't saying ''God is glorified by you jumping onto the train tracks.'' No. Rather we should relish suffering if it is for the GLORY OF CHRIST. Paul(the Apostle) in 2 Timothy 2.3 tells that young man to " Endure hardship as a good soldier of Christ. " If Christ is glorified, then we must endure hardship.

    Paul Washer is addressing the average young person who is wasting their teen lives. Paul W. tells young men to get off Facebook and glorify God by entering the ministry or serving MORE. I think Paul is reminding us all that God's name is not glorified in parts of the world. We all must work hard to obey Christ's Great Commission in Matt. 28. What can be better than entering heaven and God saying to you... "Well done my good and faithful servant"??
    There is not greater joy than suffering for Christ... Because He suffered for us. The Moravian Mission was started when a man saw a picture of Christ, off the cross, showing His wounds. Underneath the image it said ''All this I have done for thee, What have you done for me?'' That was their motto. For me to die or live is gain. God does rule our lives. He guides us through dark valleys and green pastures.

    But to be a martyr for Christ... There can be no greater service.

    Thank you for the comment.
    I hope mine answered yours ok


  3. Dear anonymous fellow reader.

    I think the key to you confusion is probably found in the fact that Mr Washer's words are addressed to a specific set of people.

    However, what you said did set me off thinking. We are certainly in no position to define one kind of servant hood/sacrifice as 'real' and another less so -certainly not on the basis of how much it makes us suffer. And I believe you are right, it is God who leads his people into many and diverse avenues of service.

    I think it is of paramount importance to maintain a clear distinction between relishing suffering for the sake of suffering (which, surely, is only morbid and unholy) and relishing suffering because we relish all things that bring us closer to Jesus and where suffering is our path of service it is joyous to us. Do you think?

    Certainly it is a joy to know that Jesus has a path marked out for each of his children and that he is ready and able to strengthen those who look to him only and always for his glory!

  4. Thank you for your replies, it definately clarified some things for me a little bit. Thank you David especially for what you said on suffering - I completely agree with you.

    Jonah: you said in your comment "Paul Washer is addressing the average young person who is wasting their teen lives. Paul W. tells young men to get off Facebook and glorify God by entering the ministry or serving MORE."

    If you are right about the particular audience that Mr Washer is addressing, then I'm even more concerned that he really hasn't thought through what he's saying.

    A young man who does not use his time wisely at home and is used to being lazy and idling his time away will be no use abroad. You can't send young men to preach the gospel, who haven't first learnt to be faithful and diligent at home. Do you agree?


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