Crushing the Head of the Devil

Right after our first father fell, Easter was promised. In the curse of the serpent (Genesis 3:15) we are told that the seed of the woman (i.e. Jesus) will crush the head of the serpent (i.e. sin and death). 
The Old Testament then gives us “trailers” of this. In Judges, righteous Jael drives a tent peg through the head of the evil Sisera (Judges 4:31). A woman threw an upper millstone down upon evil Abimelech and crushed his head (Judges 9:53). Righteous David crushes evil Goliath’s head with a stone, and then cuts it off (1 Samuel 17:51). Habakkuk, rejoicing in the work of Yahweh, says “You crushed the head of the house of the wicked…” (3:13).
But how does this connect to Jesus?  In each of the gospels we are explicitly told that they brought Jesus to the “Place of a Skull,” or “The Skull.” It was there, at Golgotha, that Jesus was crucified. As Jesus was raised on the cross, driven into the Place of a Skull, the divine hammer fell. Genesis 3:15 was fulfilled, and the serpents head was crushed once and for all.
This reminds us to bow our heads in worship to the one who crushed the head of the serpent. Jesus has secured the victory! Jesus has conquered death and granted us life so that we might live! May we follow in his footsteps and crush the head of evil in the power of Jesus’ victory as we preach good news to the dead, visit the sick and give aid to the destitute (cf. Amos 2:7a). Let us follow Jesus’ example in dying to ourselves and giving life to others.
Timothy vdB 04.23.11

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