Sermon links: Al Martin and Janelle Bradshaw

As the second part in our modesty series we have decided to post a couple of sermons that:
1. Are clear and scriptural on the issue of modesty
2. Have been helpful to us when considering the issue

The first talk can be found here. Preached by Al Martin, this sermon is entitled "Validating the Gospel Through Modesty". Al Martin was pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, New Jersey for many years and now serves as an elder there. His sermon is thoroughly scriptural, down-to-earth, practical and very helpful. 

The second talk can be found here. This talk was given by Janelle Bradshaw to a group of ladies from her church. Janelle Bradshaw is daughter of C.J. Mahaney - she's married and is the mother of three children. This talk is particularly helpful for the motivation that it gives for dressing modestly. 

We would encourage not just girls to listen to these sermons but guys also as these issues are relevant to all but do ask yourself "how can this and how does this relate to me". Post comments, disagreements and questions below! 

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