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Octavius Winslow on humility and faith;

'There is much spurious humility among many of the dear saints of God. It is thought by some, that to be always doubting ones pardon and acceptance, is the evidence of a lowly spirit. It is, allow us to say, the mark of the very opposite of lowly and humble mind. That is true humility that credits the testimony of God, -that believes because he has spoken it, that rests in the blood, and righteousness, and all sufficiency of Jesus, because he has declared that "Whosoever believeth in him shall be saved." This is genuine lowliness, the blessed product of the Eternal Spirit.
There is more real, profound humility in a simple, believing venture upon Christ, as a ruined sinner, taking him as all its righteousness, all its pardon, all its glory, than it is possible for any mortal to fathom. Doubt is ever the offspring of pride: humility is ever the servant of faith.'

O. Winslow, in 'Personal Declension, and Revival of Religion in the Soul.'

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