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Intellectual excercise, study, and learning do not constitute salvation, but may easily be mistaken as such. True knowledge starts with the fear of the Lord, and faith in Christ who alone has the words of eternal life!

"Let all teachers be silent, let the whole creation be dumb before thee, and do thou only speak to my soul! Lest being only outwardly warned, but not inwardly quickened, I die and be found unfruitful ; lest the word heard and not obeyed, known and not loved, professed and not kept, turn to my condemnation! Speak, therefore, Lord, for thy servant heareth: thou only hast the words of everlasting life! O speak to the comfort of my soul, to the renovation of my heavenly nature, and to the eternal praise and glory of thy own name!"
Thomas à Kempis


  1. Psalm 150:6

    "Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD."

  2. "Lest being only outwardly
    warned, but not inwardly quickened, I die and be found unfruitful."
    This looks to me to be the biggest problem in the church in the U.K. today. Too many people are outwardly warned but not inwardly quickened. We should think quite carefully about(especially if we are in churches and families that are quite theologically tuned.)is what disciplines we can put into place to stop us going in this dangerous direction? Spend as much time reading the Bible as we spend in theology books? Spend as much time praying as we reading? Never reading theology? Where should we draw the line?

  3. Confessing sin is another good antidote.

    Seek to keep short accounts with with Lord and with each other.


  4. Thanks Kip. That's something that is said reasonably often but because none of us naturally love saying sorry it is something that we, and I especially, push quite far back on the priority list. Knowing we are sinful and confronting that is one thing that keeps us humble.Thanks for the reminder again.

  5. I'm not sure if I am too late to comment on this but I thought the questions you asked, Thomas, were really good.

    The questions about whether discussing theology helps us to be inwardly quickened or not resonated with me because that is something I've been thinking about recently ... I think that it can be good, if the focus is on sharing and God, not on faling out with people. Debating doctrine and how you percieve certain aspects of God's character can, I think, help you to grow, sharpens your ideas of what you really believe, can be very constructive - and quite fun, too! :-) That said, keeping a humble attitude, making sure you are not being nit-picking and being aware of how your fellow debater is coping/reacting, are all things to keep in mind!!

    I speak from experience here - I thought I was having a friendly debate with someone but we weren't exactly 'on the same page' and it ended up causing damage to our relationship. Now I always try to make sure that someone wants to engage with me and know that even if we don't agree, it's perfectly amicable!

    Kip, I liked what you said about keeping short accounts - my father has always said that. :-)


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