Quote of the Week

This quote was taken from Paul Washer's sermon, 'What is the Grace of the Gospel.'
“You are without a doubt, the most privileged of all creatures that have ever been created. And the love of God towards you goes far beyond what can be written. And look at what’s ahead of you. To the wind with your problems, to the wind with insecurities, to the wind with trials, to the wind with tribulations, to the wind with not being everything you want to be right now, to the wind with all of it, and rejoice! Why?  Because look what’s ahead of you man, look what’s ahead of you! And all because He died and rose again from the dead! Now; rejoice, rejoice…… and if your heart is cold now then heaven have pity.”

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  1. It looks like I'm the first one to comment on this...

    That is a very stirring quote! :-)

    I like the fact that he says "Look what's ahead of you" ... It reminds me of something my father said this last weekend: "God isn't interested in going back to what was before. He wants to do something new." I think that's something maybe we aren't very good at remembering! Are we too interested in the past and what God did before (however amazing that may have been) that we block what God is trying to do *now*? It's constructive to learn from the past and good to praise God for what He's done but, as Jesus said, God is the God of the living (Matthew 22:32) and we need to "look what's ahead" and ask what God wants to do now and how He may want to use us for His purposes!

  2. We have so many reasons to rejoice and Paul Washer has only highlighted one particular area. We could forget about what is ahead of us and focus on what we have now and that gives us plenty of reason to rejoice. Think, we have the Bible in our language, fellowship of other Christians, communion, prayer, freedom to preach the gospel, freedom to educate (and be educated) at home and the list just carries on. Thanks be to God for his goodness!


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