I've tried, and failed, many times to paint a realistic sunset. As I look out my window and see the glorious pinks and oranges and reds and blues, I think to myself: 'What a Painter to create a masterpiece like that!'

God has a big canvas - the sky! - to paint on and He has all the colour in the universe to paint with. He has no limitations. He isn't stuck with a square of dry canvas. He can go wild. He can fill the sky with vibrant colours and make the heavens a piece of paper to practice on.

Every night, God gets out His paintbrush and makes the sky a place where we can look and see His art in all its glory. Colours, patterns, shapes, every night is new. No two sunsets are the same.

Malachi 1:11 says: 'My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun'.

Every time we see an extraordinary sunset, think of God as shouting 'I AM'! Every day, we see another example of God's greatness screaming at us from the evening sky.

Esther Field

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  1. Thank you for this Esther! This is SO true! God is the masterpiece painter! Each time we see the beautiful sunsets and sunrises, we should praise and glorify God for letting us live in such a BEAUTIFUL place!


  2. As expressed in this poem.

    Cold sickened
    The sun shines feebly
    On frosted fields
    It vanishes
    Leaving the vast sky eggshell blue

    Then sky devouring night
    Advancing ever west
    Brings a shadow of black velvet
    And sprinkles the darkness with stars

    the spread of blackness
    Rejoicing in its harsh beauty
    Sucks warmth from the land
    Sending cold ice
    To freeze the warm heart
    Of the country
    the animals shiver in their stalls
    the trees
    Encased in ice
    Sleep like hibernating giants
    And men
    Stewards of this beauty
    Huddle in stuffy holes
    Unaware that God
    The master painter
    Scattering stars
    Shining in darkness
    Sent sweet slumber on the earth
    And only the moon smiled


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