Here is a poem that was forwarded onto us as a must to put up on Walking Worthy. Amazing in perceptiveness and truth, listen, enjoy and do something about it!

Walking Worthy posting team.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.


  1. Ha ha... very true. It reminds me a bit of Mark Driscoll.


  2. This poet is certainly making a point! The way we speak matters SO much- and as has already been said on this blog, we can use it to build up and to tear down. We must be so careful that we glorify God in this area.

  3. Yeah I guess the guy does poke fun at the way teens speak. I can see why because we are the most illiterate generation ever!(That is if you exclude cavemen, duhhhh!) So how are we going change it guys? The word I probably use the most is LIKE or YA'KNOW. Is this glorifying God? Probably not...

    I think Ruth Field wrote an article pretty early on called SERVING GOD IN OUR SPEECH. Do go over that again, readers:)

    I am not going to say LIKE tomorrow(its 8:15 now)


  4. Guilty party... I'm going to hide in a corner.
    My lil' bro can't speak without saying like and I can't speak without saying um... oops.

  5. okay... so ya know, thats like, a great poem man!

    Its very easy to get into and stay in the habit of speaking with large quantities of like, er, vague words interspersed, and if you know me you know I am very much a part of the problem! However, it having been brought to my attention by this poem, I shall start working on getting rid of them!
    Christians should be people of conviction, and should sound like it!

  6. Like, I totally agree with like, all you! haha! :)
    Another two words I very much dislike are bet and lucky. Why should we, as Christians who do not believe that betting is right, be saying, "I bet you'll like this!" or something similar! We also know that luck does not exist, so therefore I always try to remember not to say "You're so lucky!" replacing it with "You're very blessed" or something like that. Wondering if anyone else shares my views on these words?

  7. Hey Guys. My Dad has just reminded me that the poem isn't JUST about saying ya know etc. Listen to it again! It is actually trying to say this:

    We today need to SOUND like we know what we are talking about. And BELIEVE what we are saying. Declarative sentences, speaking in a way that Declares stuff! We need to invest our OWN beliefs on what we are saying. Be different from everyone else. It is OKAY to have our own opinions. CONVICTION:a firmly held belief or position. Do we believe anything today?What...
    If we walk out on a limb we trust ourself and go a different way. Not like the rest of the tree, we go away from the main thing. Going against the grain. NOT agreeing with everything and everyone, being different. Has it been chopped down like the rest of the rain forest? Has it... Think about it. Has it been destroyed?
    Do we have ANYTHING to SAY? Do we have any truth inside us? Yes,then why do we hide it? Lets not be like the rest of society. And as I have said before we are inarticulate! How are we going to change that?

    SPEAK WITH CONVICTION. It is not enough these days to QUESTION authority. WE NEED TO SPEAK WITH IT TOO!!


  8. Very true, Jonah! Thanks for this reminder!

    How important it is to speak with conviction - that could be the vital difference in winning a soul for Christ! If we do not speak with conviction and as though we truly believe in what we are saying, this will have a very poor effect on others and our words may fall on deaf ears. Speaking with authourity will make all the difference! When we share the gospel, we need to deliver it with conviction, authourity and with boldness! As Paul said in Ephesians 6:19-20, "And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak."

    May we, as ambassadors for Christ, speak boldly as we ought to speak!


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