Twenty-Ten... The Year When...

Do you ever make New Year resolutions? Do you ever keep New Year resolutions? I don’t mean worldly or physical goals such as, ‘I will stop biting my nails this year’ or ‘I will lose 2 stone this year’. I am talking about spiritual goals and challenges.

What kind of person do you want to be this year? Do you have any plans for how to become that person? Do you want to ‘pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness’ (1Timothy 6:11)? If this is your desire, then why not take this opportunity – a new year – to set yourself some goals.

We cannot become more like Christ just by wanting it! Developing attributes and the fruits of the spirit is hard work, requiring time, effort and prayer. But you will be much better off for planning how to reach these goals than for just vaguely trying to accomplish them. As a man I know says, ‘You will get more done by planning, than you will by not planning’. I urge you to think about what you plan to do for God this year, so that you can look back and say, ‘Look how God used me in 2010’.

Don’t waste another year of your youth! We haven’t got the time to plod through this period of our lives. We should be considering what manner of persons we ought to be (2 Peter 3:11). Youth is a gift that will be taken from us one day; we have to think of what we plan to do about serving God now. In 2010.

Are you stuck for practical ways to grow spiritually this year? One thing that will benefit you greatly (and I speak to myself here just as much to you reading this) is trying to read the whole Bible in a year. There are numerous reading lists, some in chronological order and others that give you the chapters divided for each day. Another idea is to pray through the well-known book Operation World, which gives the facts and prayer points of different countries, one for each day of the year. Or you could try and read through a Christian biography each month of 2010. Simple things like this will aid your spiritual life tremendously. Whatever aims you want to accomplish this year, I encourage you to pray for God’s help and strength to fulfil them and then go and do great things for Him this year.

What do you plan to do for God in 2010?

By Elspeth McLachlan

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  1. Thanks Elspeth, this is great. I found your last sentence particularly helpful - the key to achieving great things is prayer. It seems so arrogant when we assume to accomplish things without the Father's help.
    One of the things I've been doing for a while is still making a resolution list (only the more worthwhile resolutions though!) and turning each of them into a written prayer. This means that each time I read down my resolution list I'm asking God to change me, grow me, mature me and ultimately make me more like His Son this year (as well as more specific requests). I've found this really helpful and it's also very encouraging to look back at previous year's prayers and see how God has answered them.


  2. I just wanted to thank you, Elspeth, for your thought provoking article! I found it very challenging, and it certainly helped me to look at the New Year with a new persepective. Also, thank-you for the practical things you listed at the end to help aid our spiritual growth throughout the coming year. Your reminder about not wasting our youth I found especially helpful. What we learn while we are young are the foundations for our whole lives ahead of us, so it is vital that we prayerfully strive with our Saviour's help to lay down godly foundations now while we are young, such as striving after the fruits of the Holy Spirit, humility, integrity etc. If we learn to put these godly attributes into practice now, it will be a whole lot easier for us as adults.

    Thanks again Elspeth for an excellent article!

  3. thanks elspeth, lately ive been having trouble with having my devotions every day. i keep telling myself that im gonna do it but have found other things to fill my time with. ive decided to make an extra effort this year, and this was particularly helpful.

  4. Thankyou Elspeth.

    Most of people's resolutions today last only for a month. Like: ''I am gonna go on a diet'' It seems that it never really works!! May us,as Christians, be known for keeping our resolutions, reading our Bible, Praying etc...

    We must remember though that we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us! So we can try as hard as we like to do things, but if we don't do things in the name of Christ, it will never happen!!

    Rebekah said that we should not waste our youth, I totally agree.Why? Please keep reading(I know its long but do keep reading!)
    Loads of teens today are just sitting on their backsides enjoying life. They're consumers! Church, Itunes, Phones and other things are taken by Teens. Church isn't for worship(for them), its for seeing friends or enjoying the worship etc!(''Its all about me'' they say!) They don't go to the normal church they go to the young church which is hip!! Or they don't think Church is cool.So they don't go. These are teens from Christian families! our Culture needs a change! If there is to be another Christian generation then we must realize that it is down to us to change things!!!
    I once read an illustration, we should see the teen years as a launch pad to adulthood:
    Diving boards have what is called a sweet spot. This spot, if hit properly, will launch you into the air. If you miss it, the board will klunk and you will flop into the water, hurting yourself with a belly-flop. You get into the water, but painfully!
    Today we should see the teen years as a launch pad into adulthood. This is a time when we are strong and able bodied, what do we do with our bodies is not what we should be doing. We are sitting down. We are wasting our lives. Thus we have a klunk and we painfully reach adulthood, not ready for responsibility. Why don't we start using our lives for the glory of God! That is why we as Christians are here!! You then can say: ''2010, the year when I glorified God!'' Prepare yourself for God's work for your life. Work hard at your studies, don't sit down. Work hard at serving in your Church. Learn to accept responsibility. This will involve change and I pray that we will be a generation with a great desire to Glorify God in EVERY part of our lives. Be it School, Church or at home! Lets go forward into the air and plunge deep into the work of God!!!

    I do hope this will challenge you as it does to me!!
    Thankyou again

  5. Thank-you for this Jonah. I thought the illustration was excellent, and it certainly is a great challenge for us to not just 'sit down' but to get up and get actively involved in gloryfying God in some way. Thanks for this reminder!

  6. Hi all of you! I'm really impressed that you've started this blog and I think it's great that you're encouraging other youngsters to think about difficult issues and be serious about their faith.

    Jonah, great comment you made - it really saddens me when you hear about youth you have got fed up with their church and so stop attending and being involved with the Body and what God is doing.

    Although it's hard work, I think God really wants to see our faith having an impact on every part of our lives and I believe that God has a plan for our lives, if we'll only let Him work through us and be the witness He's called us as Christians to be! If every committed young Christian stuck to it, think what God could do through us!!

    Thank you to all of you for setting this up - keep up the good work! :-) - Tabitha


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